Galaxy of the Damned

Galaxy of the Damned
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"We're coming in hot. Stay to my left and we'll cover you," ordered Will. "Forget it. The Widow Maker's firing system is damaged. They can only target you in 'manual', Will. She's all yours if you want her," Arn declared proudly. "Tell Severin that I know she'll do a fine job filling my shoes."

"Damn it, Arn! You're quitting on us." "No, son. I'm going out like the warrior I once was. It's easy to forget what got you to the top. That makes you weak." A revolt on Calamaar; the long awaited Weevil invasion; and a dangerous new weapon set the stage for an explosive ending to the Space Frontiers Series.

Will and Shanna risk all to save their people and end the Weevil threat that has plagued them for years. What price will they pay to bring peace to their kingdom and return to a normal life? Join Will and Shanna in what could be their last ride in Galaxy of the Damned, the end of the series that sci-fi readers will never forget.

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