Helm Publishing is a small independent publisher started in 1998 under Dianne Helm, former special education teacher, and reading specialist. Our specialties include new and emerging authors for both fiction and nonfiction genres. We are a visionary publisher pioneering a distinctive highly visual style in books for adults and children. Dianne has taught workshops, moderated panel discussions, judged writing contests, interviewed for magazines, TV and radio, and held pitch sessions on manuscripts at conferences and book events throughout North America.

This year Helm Publishing has expanded its markets to include Europe, Australia, and Asia. Every calendar year Helm receives more than one thousand manuscripts. About 5 percent are seriously considered and about 1 percent of those are published (10 to 12 per year). Although literary merit is the most important determining factor, balance and marketability are also considered. We are interested in tightly written, well-plotted, manuscripts. Our author list boasts Doreen Lewis, Florida New Writer Award, Debra Killeen Romantic Times interview and RebeccaReads book review winner, Sel Yackley, Women’s Chicago Press Award winner, Fred Brown, LATimes Bestseller, Scott Heydt, Cybil Award Finalist, Lee Grantier, Reader Review Pick, Michael D’Ambrosio, Science Fiction Club bestseller, among many more.

As always, we accept manuscripts for romance, young adult, suspense, mystery, science fiction and fiction and are open to reviewing manga, graphic novels, and comic book queries. In late 2014, Peter Albert joined our ranks as Vice President of the Audio Book Division, based in Los Angeles, CA. Currently, we are accepting queries for voiceovers, narration, and character development. As Captains of the Literary Seas, these new ventures are extremely exciting for both authors and readers. This year, Helm underwent a change to its website name to Helm Book Publishing, and added an audiobook division, Helm Audio Editions, an imprint Epsilon Comics, and expanded the ebook and print book markets even further.

As a parallel, the animation short film markets are interested in a couple of our children’s lines and through Epsilon Comics, we are creating transmedia proposals to produce made for TV cartoons, full length feature movies, product and toy lines. We are looking for associates to partner with us. So please contact Michael Harrington, President of our Epsilon Comic Book Division with your ideas and interest.

Helm continues its tradition of releasing niche market and general audience based books and ebooks while pursuing other avenues as times evolve. We are interested in forging partnerships with other publishing houses, sales, distribution, production companies, schools, media business, artists, illustrators, and new writers.
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Helm Publishing started in 1998 as a response to helping new writers become known.
It grew to a small independent book publisher specializing in new and emerging authors for both fiction and non-fiction genres.