• a-gift-of-dreams
  • i-promised-you-daisies
  • side-door-to-heaven
  • hey-mister
  • reborn
  • sigourneys-quest
  • the-separatist
  • the-hypnotist
  • the-origamist
  • im-travelling
  • venice-lost
  • indefensible
  • a-kings-quest
  • a-kings-task
  • baby-boomer-love
  • eye-of-icarus
  • dangerous-liaisons
  • the-devils-playground
  • galaxy-of-the-damned
  • void-of-moon
  • never-regret-the-pain
  • good-grief
  • the-heart-of-a-legend
  • mind-made
  • switcher
  • the-griffins-gauntlet
  • the-coven-initiates
  • the-royal-quests
  • wiccan
  • oyl
  • mice-dont-taste-like-chicken
  • bubblegum_babes
  • her-backyard
  • a-guide-for-effective-psychotherapy
  • blissful-lies
  • cosmic-dust
  • the-dictators-astrologer
  • shadow-in-the-rain
  • tutor
  • a-visit-to-heaven
  • curse-the-darkness
  • abner-the-clown
  • strange-days
  • cabbage-requiem
  • ring-dragonz
  • the-vampires-tomb
  • never-say-im-on-a-diet
  • the-beach-club
  • lottie-bright
  • thecowgirl_andthecolts
  • to_fly_again
  • the-rosicrucian
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At long last, after the plague of the Demon Wars and the following blight of Bain the Dragon King’s rule, peace has finally come to the land of the Pix.

The heroes of the Griffin’s Gauntlet, after enjoying the generous appreciation of a populace grateful for freeing them from a tyrant’s iron fist, go their separate ways to find their destinies. The ancient witch Olden Jade and her young charge, Sharon of the Other World, found the Blackwoods Coven with the intention to spend the rest of their days in solemn worship of the Goddess.

Justin, the Last Knight of the Citadel, returns home to Kurault and is made king for his heroic deeds in the Battle of Bain City. And the demon sorceress, Darklin Reed, broods alone among the Rune Mountains and is inspired to start a coven of her own. But peace is shattered when a diabolical act of regicide occurs and a bloody coup follows. War is declared to avenge this treachery.

Many key figures of both common and royal blood are guided by the songs of a mysterious bard who is heard, but never seen. Meanwhile, the Blackwoods Coven is drawn into this escalating turmoil of the Pix’s political affairs by a dire prophecy of a massive calamity, one that would dwarf anything that the Pix had ever suffered before. And only the Blackwoods Coven can stop it.

Written by: Wesley Lowe
Category: Fantasy
Language: English
Page Count: 412 pages
Format: Paperback
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