• a-gift-of-dreams
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  • side-door-to-heaven
  • hey-mister
  • reborn
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  • the-origamist
  • im-travelling
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  • void-of-moon
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  • cabbage-requiem
  • ring-dragonz
  • the-vampires-tomb
  • never-say-im-on-a-diet
  • the-beach-club
  • lottie-bright
  • thecowgirl_andthecolts
  • to_fly_again
  • the-rosicrucian
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MAYAN was born into a hard life of slavery. She was raised in a time when African Americans were owned and mistreated by their masters. Mayan's mother was born of pure African blood. She was owned and sexually abused by Mayan's father, a white slave master. Mayan's skin is fair and she possesses the most beautiful emerald green eyes ever seen on a person of color.

TYTARION, the vampire, who's vampire clan originates from deep in the heart of the dark, uncharted jungles of Africa, discovered Mayan hiding in a cave, on the run from her crazed and abusive master, THE DEACON. Cold, alone and near death, Tytarion takes Mayan back to his home a nurses her back to health with hopes that she will become his mate, and Mayan is "REBORN" into a life of immortality and from that day forth, Mayan's life would never be the same.

Tytarion has spent his entire life in search of the perfect mate, who is special enough to fill the void that has been missing in his life, yet strong enough to bare him a son to carry on his vampire bloodline...Mayan, is that mate.

Written by: C.C. Spivey
Category: Fantasy
Language: English
Page Count: 476 pages
Format: Paperback
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