• a-gift-of-dreams
  • i-promised-you-daisies
  • side-door-to-heaven
  • hey-mister
  • reborn
  • sigourneys-quest
  • the-separatist
  • the-hypnotist
  • the-origamist
  • im-travelling
  • venice-lost
  • indefensible
  • a-kings-quest
  • a-kings-task
  • baby-boomer-love
  • eye-of-icarus
  • dangerous-liaisons
  • the-devils-playground
  • galaxy-of-the-damned
  • void-of-moon
  • never-regret-the-pain
  • good-grief
  • the-heart-of-a-legend
  • mind-made
  • switcher
  • the-griffins-gauntlet
  • the-coven-initiates
  • the-royal-quests
  • wiccan
  • oyl
  • mice-dont-taste-like-chicken
  • bubblegum_babes
  • her-backyard
  • a-guide-for-effective-psychotherapy
  • blissful-lies
  • cosmic-dust
  • the-dictators-astrologer
  • shadow-in-the-rain
  • tutor
  • a-visit-to-heaven
  • curse-the-darkness
  • abner-the-clown
  • strange-days
  • cabbage-requiem
  • ring-dragonz
  • the-vampires-tomb
  • never-say-im-on-a-diet
  • the-beach-club
  • lottie-bright
  • thecowgirl_andthecolts
  • to_fly_again
  • the-rosicrucian
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WHO IS ROBERT SMITH? TO HIS AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT ROBERT SMITH IS THE GREATEST ASTROPHYSICIST OF all time, whose fantastic exploits are unequalled for thought provoking theories, hair-raising inventions and bloodcurdling engineering.

To his fans he is a superhuman brain of never ending knowledge and neural genius, whose life is dedicated to the betterment of mankind. This is Robert Smith-his legacy, his cathedral, his upside. Like all men of greatness, Robert Smith has a downside.

To his psychiatrist, Robert Smith is a classic nut, a fruitcake, the biggest loony this side of the galaxy. To the world at large he is a strange, withdrawn penny pinching miser whose complacency changes with the wind-the minute money enters into it-a streak of meanness wherever the almighty dollar is concerned.

This too is Robert Smith– crazy man, skinflint, his downside.

Written by: Richard White
Category: Science Fiction
Language: English
Page Count: 198 pages
Format: Paperback
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