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With over 70 million Americans expected to enter a new phase of their life known as The Baby Boomer Generation, many are seeking someone new to share their lives as lovers, companions or for a long term relationship. Finding that love in the 21st Century is not like it was in High School or College.

The dating scene is even more complex, even scary for many. Considerations such as where to start, is a new love even possible after 50, children, finances, personal security are just a few of the many issues facing those who have lost their mate through divorce, death, or seeking a mate for the first time. Baby Boomer Love provides a step by step guide in how to search for that new mate, where to look, how to communicate, evaluating the opportunities, and avoiding the possible pitfalls.

Noted researcher and author, Marion Eggleton knows firsthand the challenge of looking for a new long term relationship after 50. Even with advanced degrees and living abroad, he found himself ill-equipped to find a new relationship in his life. In his book, Baby Boomer Love, he shares his research into techniques that can help anyone, regardless of their age, find new love in their life.

Written by: Marion A. Eggleton
Category: Family & Relationships
Language: English
Page Count: 198 pages
Format: Paperback
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