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Available Titles:
To Fly Again
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Rachelle Hasnas obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology the year prior to her marriage. She worked for several years before starting a family, giving birth to Joshua and twenty- three months later, Daniel. Devotion to her family took precedence over working outside the home once her sons were born.

During those years Rachelle was also graced with the opportunity to immerse herself in nontraditional spiritual studies, which became an integral part of her life. She credits her spiritual path for keeping her “intact” through several challenging and life-altering experiences. After her marriage of twenty-seven years ended, Rachelle moved from Long Island, New York to Virginia Beach, Virginia and returned to school for her Master’s Degree in Social Work. She went on to acquire her license in clinical social work and was hired as a clinical counselor at Oceana Naval Air Station.

After more than ten years of clinical practice at NAS Oceana, Rachelle chose to retire to help with the care of her toddler granddaughter, Sophie Jewel. This has been a healing experience, easing some of her grief since losing Joshua. Rachelle has also authored two previous books, Pocket Guide to Bach Flower Essences and The Essence of Bach Flowers, Traditional and Transpersonal Use and Practice.
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