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Available Titles:
Good Grief: Love, Loss and Laughter
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Gabriel Constans has been a columnist for the Santa Cruz Sentinel and a grief counselor with Hospice Caring Project. Over the last thirty years he has also worked as a mental health and drug abuse counselor, social worker, nursing assistant and hospital chaplain. He is currently in private practice and has eight books published in the U.S.

His writing and editing have appeared in countless magazines, newspapers and journals in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. He lives with his family in Santa Cruz, California and has five children acquired through various means (biological, foster and adopted).

According to Dr. Constans, futbol (soccer) is the only game of any importance on planet earth. If there's a match (locally, nationally or internationally), you'll probably find he's involved as a fan, coach, parent or referee. Gabriel can be contacted through his web site at: www.gogabriel.com.
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